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  • Stego File: The image file which includes a stenographically encoded image as a “Payload”. Encoded Alpha Mission “stego files” are PNGs.
  • Carrier Image: The PNG image used to encode the Payload to create the res
  • Payload: A second stenographically encoded image, within the “Stego File”, requiring a password and decoding mechanism (software) to access.


“Twin-Canvas NFT Works” are NFTs that include associated digital works. The digital work referred to as a “Twin-Canvas” is a special PNG image file (Stego File) with a stenographically encoded image (“the Payload”) contained within. In the following license it is referred to as “the Works”. The license applies to both images contained in the Stego File.

The NFT Seller is referred to as the “Grantor.” The NFT Buyer is referred to as the “Grantee.” NFT purchase is buying the Non-fungible token and is licensing the underlying digital art, music, or other assets under the terms set forth below, or other terms set forth on the listing page.

Grant of Rights, Limitations, and Warranties:

  1. The Copyright Owner of the Works remains the copyright owner. The Grantee is not receiving ownership of the Works but is receiving certain limited rights in the Works as set forth herein.
  2. Upon confirming the NFT on the blockchain, Buyer becomes the Grantee and immediately receives a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable license to the Works as set forth herein, for the period the Grantee owns the NFT.
  3. Grantee is granted the right to use, copy and display the Works.
  4. Grantee may not modify the works, create derivative works, transform the Works or perform the Works.
  5. Grantee MAY NOT make commercial use of the Works, except to resell or transfer some or all the rights granted herein.
  6. Grantee MAY NOT use the Works in any way which associates the Works with hatred, intolerance, violence, cruelty, or otherwise infringes upon the rights of others.
  7. Any exercise of right granted hereunder requires attribution to the Copyright Owner and the Creator if they are listed in the NFT sale, where reasonably possible.
  8. Grantee shall not challenge Licensor’s copyright ownership of the Works.
  9. The NFT Seller warrants they are authorized to license the Works and consistent with these terms.
  10. Grantee may contact the Grantor if Grantee wishes to obtain rights not otherwise included herein. Any further grant of rights shall be in writing and evidenced by a further NFT, or signed documents, agreed to by all parties.
  11. Grantee may not publicly share any password associated with the Works (for the purpose of stenographic decoding) with the exception of communicating the password to a new Grantee upon resell or transfer of the Works.
  12. The Works may require use of third-party software for decoding any Payload. The Grantor assumes no responsibility regarding the ongoing availability of software necessary to decode the Payload.
  13. Grantor will not be held liable in the event that the Grantee is unable to decode the Payload.
  14. Grantee agrees to the “Thirdy Party Software Disclaimer” made available as part of this license.
  15. This License addresses the rights regarding the Works attached to the NFT transaction, not the NFT itself. There may be additional terms on the NFT listing page. To the extent there is a direct conflict, the NFT sale/listing page shall control.
  16. To determine which version of this license applies to your transaction, compare the timestamp of the NFT to the version date and time of this page.

Third Party Software Disclaimer

Download and use of third-party software, linked to on this website or otherwise, for the purposes of stenographic decoding of the Payload (the second image file) is executed at Grantees own risk and discretion. Grantee agrees that Grantor is not responsible or liable for damage to the Grantee’s computer system, phone or tablet device or any loss of data that results from the download and use of third-party software. Grantor will not be held liable for any damages that may be suffered by the Grantee in connection with the download, installation and use of third-party software. Under no circumstances shall advice or information received by the Grantee from the Grantor in verbal or written format create a warranty for the software.

Note: This license is adapted from the NFT 1.0 license (December 2021 version) available at NFT License Project, created by Traverse Legal, PLC.

The Definitions, Preamble and Grant of Rights, Limitations, and Warranties on this web page are copyright protected and licensed under the Creative Commons License titled "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0". The Third Party Software Disclaimer and any Trademarks (such as "Twin-Canvas") reffered to within the above license do NOT fall within the bounds of the afore mentioned Creative Commons license. While you may use the license and adapt it for your own projects, it is provided ‘as is’ and all warranties are disclaimed. Use it at your own risk. This is not legal advice. You are strongly encouraged to seek your own legal advice.